‚Skin-Skeleton‘, performative installation, 2014armored concrete‚Skin-Skeleton‘ is the following version of ‚Dialogues with a brick‘. The videos shows the deconstruction of the skin-skeleton in order to transport it to märkische Schweiz, […]

Tabula Coma

installation and c-print, 2015armored concrete, hair, bird in collaboration with  Eva Vuillemin                   installationview, photos by Anna Herrmann, Rike Horb & Eva […]

Dialogues with a brick and Skin-Skeleton

„Dialogues with a brick“, 3 videos (3min), 2013/2014focussing, rendering, pulverising a brick. „Skin-Skeleton“, process oriented installation, 2014armored concreteA construction site ending and relocating inmärkische Schweiz, Brandenburg.         […]

shared horizon

c-prints, 2012 in various regions eucalyptic sticks are used for scaffolding.     photo by Rike HorbNorth Shewa, Ethiopia, 2012